Erasmus+ Youth КА2. project № 2019-1-TR01-KA205-073529 «The Adaptation Guide to Educational System & Social Life for International Students» (SOS)

The duration of the project is 24 months: 12/11/2019-31/05/2021.

Aim of the project: adapting and improving the quality of life of students studying abroad.

Project goals:

  1. Creating a mobile application that will ease the education life and social adaptation of international students.
  2. Launching a web page that will give information about the project work to the public and provide the visibility / downloading of the intellectual outputs. 
  3. Producing a guidebook for the use of the mobile application.
  4. Producing visuals / short films to solve the problems of international students.
  5. Disseminating the intellectual outputs produced with partner NGOs, relevant institutions and organizations.
  6. Ensuring the sustainability of the project by collecting information about the problems and suggestions of international students through workshops.
  7. Making international dissemination studies for the project outputs.

The Adaptation Guide to Educational System & Social Life for International Students – the shortened name is «SOS» which means Software of Students. SOS is designed to enable international students to live in a different country to live a more comfortable life. The aim of this guide is to help international students and to do it more comfortably. For example, they will be able to see the city bus and metro route, learn the procedure of equivalence of universities, get opportunities of accommodation, learn educational conditions, be aware of the content of SAT Exams, adapt to general conditions of a different culture, etc.

The SOS project involves partners from Turkey, Romania, France, and Ukraine (3 universities and 4 Non-government organizations). All partners have experience with youth and with Erasmus+ projects.

Target Groups: 

Youth – future students and students, schools and universities’ department of international relations and youth mentors.