Expected impact

SOS implementation will be an important guide for international students, student candidates and other stakeholders.

At the end of the Project

International students will

  • learn the rights and obligations arising from international law
  • earn legal rights in different countries, scholarships, bars, training conditions and equivalence status from the source of safety information without going to those countries
  • not have to pay any fees to educational consulting companies
  • learn the socio-economic and cultural conditions of their countries without spending time, effort and money
  • SOS will be able to obtain the documents and conditions (visa, residence and education stage) required for reading
  • able to have access to the right information thanks to the reliability of a project software supported by Erasmus,
  • develop more intercultural, healthy and adaptive identity strategies in community participation
  • develop social skills (interpersonal cooperation, oral communication) that will strengthen them in society
  • increase motivation and commitment in civil and multicultural life.

Youth Professional Workers will

  • be able to better understand the problems between young refugees from multicultural regions and better understand the unity and coordination in order to better support them in a healthy and responsive, healthy and harmonious construction of cultured identities.

Universities and Civil Society Organizations will

  • be more organized and will have a better capacity to reach international students.
  • have the opportunity to carry out their activities in coordination with other relevant units, institutions, organizations and NGOs and also to exchange experiences and applications, if they update information about each other.
  • help them to improve their activities by considering other experiences and practices, they will communicate better with each other.